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The Distribution Mobile App fully manages the distribution process from A to z. it helps businesses in carrying out the daily distribution plans including targeted clients and all distribution sub-tasks. Our new App improves the distribution process and overall efficiency through tracking and optimising the distribution processes to provide the best and quickest distribution routs to deliver products and goods to the market as well as building outstanding relations with clients.

The Distribution Mobile App analyse the distribution process and provide the distribution agents, supervisors and management with the best accurate KPI’s for future improvement. The App also uploads all data to the Onyx enterprise system online.



Who benefits the most …?

Our new distribution App helps all businesses in their distribution processes. The tool will manage the whole distribution process from distribution agents, vehicles and products across different distribution centres or cities. All of this and more can be done easily from any smart device.


-- Can be installed easily on any Android smart phone or tablet.

-- With one click, start the App on your phone and start managing the distribution.

-- Set daily database backup.

-- Advanced search capability.

-- Several App settings to identity and control clients, products, stocks and users access rights.


Utilization Technique

-- Compatible with Android operating system.

-- Support online and offline mode.

-- Support GPS- maps to display clients’ locations, suggest the closest next clients, track agents along with their arrival time at the client’s sites.

-- Report all visits by geographical area for marketing purposes.

-- Confirm agent visits after scanning the client barcode.

-- Obtain Clients signature on receipts and documents.

-- Generate invoices, quotes and other document, the ability to send them to clients via social media networks or printing them via (eprint & iprint).

Key Functions
  1. Set up daily distribution plan including routes details and special tasks per client.

  2. Supports distribution workflow for plans review and approval.

  3. Generate documents such as, invoices, receipts, quotations, statement of account, purchase order...etc.

  4. Preform cycle counts for the distribution agent or client Inventory as well as updating products data on the system.

  5. Carry out different stock transactions like transfers and moves to fulfill client’s orders.

  6.  Survey for clients to forecast future orders and needed inventory to absorb all market needs.

Key Features
  1. The App supports different settings to manage daily tasks and plans which can be activated with or without inventory transfer approvals.

  2. Multiple reporting capabilities to show sales agents transactions and stock.

  3.  Track plan progress for each sakes agent and provide him with an immediate overall completion percentage or on client’s level. 

  4.  Open visit, is a new feature to insure the agent arrival at the client’s site.

  5. Enable sales agents to update the clients contacts information instantly.



Data Update

-- Schedule online daily update with main server.

-- Downloading plan, clients, products, items, prices and discounts information before carrying the daily distribution plan.

-- The ability to upload the distribution process with all transaction and documents (invoices and receipts) to the Onyx system.

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