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Your Most Important Needs In Your Organization:

  • Control your business performance in your facility with multiple details, the most important of which are:

    • Carry out daily transaction timely.
    • Issue reports and preliminary results quicky.
    • Organize carrying out tasks and of documentation.
  • Expand and develop your organization activity and what you care about that:
    • Organize and reduce costs.
    • Pay attention to new opportunities.
    • Control liquidity well.
  • Build your distinctive relationship with clients through:
    •  Increase sales and special advantages for each client
    •  speed access to your clients accounts.
    • The opportunity to meet additional requirements for your clients.
  • Other needs you may have, we look forward your communication to serve you and let you know about a lot of special and various needs depending on your activity and business nature.

Your Specialization & Activity:

​To Purchase and Use Ultimate Solutions Systems:
  1. The capability of knowing the work of system before buying.
  2. Our Support for Client Before Buying.
  3. The Best Ways to Client For Getting Started Correctly.
  4. Direct steps to purchase and use Ultimate Solutions systems.
  5. Our branches addresses to serve you from the nearest point.
The details of these five guidelines for purchasing using Ultimate Solutions systems are as follows.

The Capability of Knowing The System’s Work Before Buying

  • We provide comprehensive technical presentation about our systems work in general and the required system work in particular. This is done in defining suitable time organizing the session of one of Ultimate Solutions consultants with the client at his/her organization’s headquarter or at Ultimate Solutions.
  • In this session, we use a version of the system needed by the client and we teach him/her the procedures of system set up, configuration and diversity of options. Then we input data into the system in accordance with the requirements that the client wants to know in order to be processed by the system. Later on, the review the results of those data entry will be displayed through system reports and outputs. After that, those results will be studied with the client.
  • This session can be repeated with the client to allow him knowing the system processing for what he wants, and to let him make sure that the system meets the various requirements of his activities and work method. In addition to, the Ultimate Solutions consultant answers for any queries provided by the client.

Our Support For Client Before Buying

Certainly the client will need to consult Ultimate Solutions and ask for help in his business computerization. Thus, we provide support service to our client before buying our systems via our representative visit to the client or assign one of our experts to make a minute technical study for the client’s organizational structure, his activities details and work methods. This study results are our support to the client, where The most important results are:

  1. Specify systems that will be needed by the client and functions to be provided in those systems tasks.
  2. Propose hardwires needed by the client and the appropriate action to secure them.
  3. Propose the licensed copies number of each system to be installed on the client devices.
  4. Specify requirements of training related to the client’s staff use of systems.
  5. Provide a proposal for planning the stage of client shift to automation through taking advantage of the training and implementation services provided by Ultimate Solutions when client buys the targeted systems.
  6. Provide other important findings and recommendations according to the client’s performance nature of the client. These findings and recommendations might be organizational technical, professional, even formal or others.


The Best Ways To Client For Getting Started Correctly

We recommend our client to consider the proposal of shift plan   to automated work in his organization, which is provided by Ultimate Solutions expert within his study results for the client environment. The proposal can reduce time and efforts in making the shift to the automated work according to the following correct starts:

  1. To determine responsibility via  assigning the right person by the client to take responsibility of shift to automated work and grant the assigned person the necessary powers from receiving the first information and purchase of equipment until  the systems outputs are organized and approve the quality of employees performance.
  2. Take care of systems installation services, training and practical implementation provided by Ultimate Solutions for the client and the his staff. In addition to take advantage of these services details, applications and ​​ time seriously and effectively.
  3. Decide to solve any obstacles and overcome quickly, whether related to staff, equipment, wok system or otherwise. In addition to adopt what is appropriate to  complete shift to the automated work on time.
  4. Approve shift plan for automated work accurately and in details, and identify it in three proportionate stages of time with specific start, end and tasks of each stage:
    • Stage of providing requirements to start working of computers, networks, operating systems and others.
    • Stage of training on systems and implementation.
    • Stage of using system in the organization and the Ultimate   Solutions evaluation for the system periodic outputs.

These are the right beginnings that we advise our client with. They take in a medium company using its systems on 30 computers, for example, not more than three months up to which the client staff can use the systems and get periodic reports in a very precise and quality.

Direct steps to purchase and use Ultimate Solutions systems

  1. Use any means of communication with Ultimate Solutions and request information.

  2. Ultimate Solutions representative provides the client’s responsible staff with full preliminary information on systems, functions, Ultimate Solutions, services, as well as knows the client needs.

  3. Ultimate Solutions provides the client with free service via assigning one of experts to study the client's needs, organizations environment from regulations, activities, and business. In addition to provide the necessary findings of his study.

  4. Provide the client with information about Ultimate Solutions systems and their capabilities, as well as brief him the performance of systems proposed for his organization and their processing for his needs and requirements.

  5. Ultimate Solutions discusses study results of with the client and responds to his necessary inquiries and finds out the client program for implementing the study results.

  6. Sign the client contract for purchasing Ultimate Solutions systems necessary for his organization.

  7. The client and Ultimate Solutions implement the plan to shift the automated work with all components from system installation, training and implementation in the phases of specified time.

  8. The clients staff use for systems installed at their organization and discuss the first periodic reports with their supervisors in the organization and Ultimate Solutions experts.


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