Systems Installation

Systems Installation

After purchasing software, Ultimate Solution Corporation installs software for the client on time as part of its contract obligation.

To implement software installation there are a number of preparatory requirements that shall be provided by the client, such as providing computers with the required and distinctive specifications, power sources, generator to ensure a continuity of operation when electricity is off, and preparations related to network, and other requirements to ensure the best installation of software.

Then specialist engineer of Ultimate Solutions carries out software installation on the client’s computers in the client’s organization under the supervision of system administrator, who represents the client, according to the contract with the client as well as special procedures for software installation from checking requirements preparations until the client signature of software receipt in case of running and activating computers in all users.

Client’s Preparatory Requirements for Software Installation:
  1. To provide the defined  computers with excellent and modern specifications meeting the requirements    to install software on them
  2.  It is preferred that the client has agreement with computers, services and requirements provider to obtain the necessary services for the client’s equipment.
  3. The computers specified for software installation should be in their places in the offices of staff who will work on them.
  4.  It is recommended that the specified computers for software installation are equipped with original versions of operating systems.
  5. We recommend that the computers are equipped with original versions of excellent antivirus program.
  6.  We recommend that the client provides an original version of the target database ORACLE or MS SQL for each computer to install software.
  7.  In case of software installation on work network, this network must be ready with all basic operation requirements in server and terminal computers that will be used by staff to work on software.
  8. We advise the client to have an employee responsible for network management.
  9. We advise the client to define software the tasks to be carried out by each employee on whose office computer will be installed.
  10.  The necessity of providing energy sources near computers to be run easily, ensuring well arrangement and avoiding movement hindrance in the office.
  11.  We recommend provision of extra or temporary power devices (UPS) in case of cutting off electricity to maintain the computers power and software performance. When the electricity is off, it can be moved from a power source to another such as lines or generators.
  12.  We recommend to set running the network of accounting work apart from internet network.  When the two networks are combined, it is necessary to set their performance and the privileges of each employee.
  13. We recommend to carry out software installation after the client employees, in particular the system administrator whose task will be distributing privileges of using systems between staff, have finished their training program on using systems.

Software Installation Procedures:
  1. Observing the clients equipment and making any necessary notes on them.
  2. Assigning a specialist by the client to be with the engineer of software installation as well as to be responsible for installation requirements, software receipt and any other needs. We recommend to assign the task for system administrator in addition to add a responsible for network who will manage the network.
  3. Making an agreement with the specialist on installation plan according to the contract signed with the client by defining the computers and systems that will be installed on each computer.
  4. Determining the required time for software installation, making agreement with the specialist to schedule the use of offices, and preparing that to carry out software installation and running.
  5. Making backups for the client data in case of installing additional systems, and saving those backups within the client’s daily backups or in an external memory.
  6. Starting software installation on the defined computers according to schedule.
  7. Assuring software running on users' computers and activating software via the granted license to the client by software installation engineer according to installation plan that explains the specific needs of each user in his office computer as well as the contract signed with the client.
  8. System administrator is responsible for enabling every employee to use his tasks on systems in coordination and cooperation with implementation service that will be offered for the client or according to his/her responsibility and previous experience.
  9. Signing on software installation minute on the targeted computers and software receipt in case of running   by the client’s specialist.

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