Users Training

Users Training

Training is very important task that Ultimate Solutions Corporation gives special care in order to grant user adequate knowledge about software functions and benefits. It is provided through three ways:

  1. Attending applied training courses in any of Ultimate Solutions branches. In such  training courses the user is learns  what he/she have to learn about the system in highly equipped labs by professional trainers for 20 hours on average.
  2. Training on site via software implementation service.
  3. Ongoing training by providing customer with required information and skills for improving his/her performance during providing technical support.

Training Methodology:

  1. Each system of ONYX  Pro Software or Almotakamel Plus Software is regarded as objective module and independent information that are provided to the trainees in separate training sessions or training program for a number of software, such as financial software, human resources software, ... and so on.
  2. Each  training program has a training plan contains all elements for  planning the training at the level of each subject in which, such as: goal, introduction , and phases steps, used means, participation, defined time, used tools for  trainees benefit measurement.
  3. Each training session subject contains three parts: theoretical, practical and applied so that the trainee acquires necessary knowledge and skills in the training subject.
  4. Training method depends on motivating trainees to participatory performance during training to achieve self-learning and using the provided instructions in system and other knowledge resources.
  5. If  the trainee wants to get training certificate  for using ONYX Pro Software or Almotakamel Plus Software  about the  topics on which he/she is trained,  the following requirements are required:
  • Attending at least 80% of the training program time.
  • Achieving participation rate of not less than 50% in activities of training sessions.
  • Passing the theoretical and practical test of training program with at least 70%.

Training Implementation Mechanism:

When the client buys software of Ultimate Solutions, the contract includes training the agreed upon number of client staff who will work on systems.
The client gets official format from the branch from which he bought software to be filled in with his candidates data for training.

Ultimate Solutions coordinator arrange with the trainees and client about the training time, components and requirements  as well as follows up the implementation of training program with the client's staff.
The training program for trainees is carried out during a period of time defined by training center in the branch. Moreover, the trainee gets an soft copy of training material.
The implementation of the training program is subjected to daily proceedings og adherence related to trainees commitment to attendance and participation in training activities.
Each trainee has the right to get a certificate for completion of training program subjects according to article No. 5 of training methodology in Ultimate Solutions.



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