Consultation Service

Consultation Service

One of important services in which the client environment is studied and consultation that help in making decision to computerize his business is provided.
Onyx Pro Software, for example, depend on wide options of configuration that suits with the variety of business market activities. Businessman prefer Onyx Pro software in many of different and various sectors.
Ultimate Solutions Corporation provides many consultation services in computerization projects and software development for the clients in business market. The costs of these consultation services and studies are also agreed upon, such as:

  1. Prepare studies for complete or sectorial computerization projects with all qualification requirements.
  2. Design the projects of change and institutional development for business corporations and organizations.
  3. Support the clients shift to computerization by qualifying them to achieve the best use of software.

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Initial Study:
The Consultant of  Ultimate Solutions begins the task of providing support  service of  clients shifting to computerization  by  preparing  an initial field study about  the client organization via  meeting  responsible persons  involved in computerization  project, accessing  necessary documents for his/her task, and collecting  sufficient information to achieve the following results:

  1. Classifying clients in terms of activity type, organization and subsidiaries size, daily transactions intensity, and the other useful indicators for classification.
  2. Determining the need from the client perspective and view for computerizing his organization, the problems that he wants to be processed, and the situation he wants to shift for which.
  3. Defining the outcomes and outputs that the client wants to achieve.
  4. Studying work cycle and organizational relationships for tasks in the client organization and the level of efficiency.
  5. Finding out the positive opportunities in the client environment that must be utilized in the project of computerization.

Consultation Service Provision:
After studying the needs of client environment, needs and organizational circumstances, the consultant of Ultimate Solutions provides consultation service in a number of necessary components, the most important of which are:

  1. Project summary of the right solution for the client with software he needs,  circumstances that he will overcome and work environment to which he will be shifted,  and positive opportunities that will give him further objectives.
  2. The most important technical details that must be presented to the client for discussion, such as:  techniques of linking between his entities units, flexibility of software to meet his activity requirements, designing reports he wants, ...etc.
  3. Wide features which the  client investment  will achieve  by using Ultimate  Solutions software for processing his transactions, and the great diversity in reports that will strengthen his organization  and performance efficiency, as well as results that the client expects to be achieved in the aspects of organization, growth and expansion.
  4. Necessary recommendations for the client to support the client shifting to    computerization whether in aspects of organization, equipment, staff training, or other of software.
  5. Summary of initial scheduled executive plan describing the stages of client shifting to computerization from the decision of purchasing to the last session of software implementation in the client's office.
  6. Referring to case studies of Ultimate Solutions in the same activity of the client with other clients software in Onyx Pro or other experiments models.
  7. Any additional information needed by the client about that he will be used.

Executive Action Program:

  • According to study results of consultation service provided by Ultimate Solution, the best solutions will be discussed with the client to be implemented in his organization away from improvisation or failed experience, but the client organization are developed in accordance with the results of a scientific consultation study, global software, responsible business practice, and international case study expertise of Ultimate Solutions software.

  • Then the results of study are converted to executive program of work within which to conclude necessary contracts with the client as well as executive plan is prepared to be ended in the client tasks practice through Ultimate Solutions software and to take advantage of its services.

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