Mobile Apps

Onyx Mobile

A one-stop platform designed to help businesses track and manage their finances more efficiently, including business results, balance sheets, KPIs, clients'/suppliers' details, document approval requests, and more.

Distribution Mobile

A smart, end-to-end distribution management solution that allows businesses to plan routes, track deliveries, and manage day-to-day distribution activities effortlessly and efficiently.

Distribution track

A smart solution that integrates seamlessly with the Distribution Mobile App, enabling you to live track your couriers in each operation, while capturing real-time information and visual reports.

Inventory Stocking

A simple, powerful tool that helps you count and track your inventory on the go using your smart phone, while moving results to ONYX later.

ONYX Transactions

 An online, Android-only App that integrates ideally with the ONYX Pro system giving an aggregated view of all ONYX transactions, including accounts payable/receivable, sales, inventory details, purchases, etc.  

Customer Orders App

This easy tool helps you collect, record, and manage your customer orders all in one place, while giving you a clear view of each order's details such as item type, number, amount, etc.

Employee Self-service

This smart App is designed with employees in mind. It enables organizations to receive, manage and follow up employees' requests effortlessly and remotely through smart phones.

Customer self-service

A user-friendly solution for a customer-friendly experience. Our Customer Self-service App allows ONYX users to manage and process their customers' orders more efficiently and, thus, improve customer satisfaction and relationships.

Fixed Assets Inventory

Using your smart phone, this professional tool allows you to monitor and count your inventory anytime, anywhere, based on pre-defined criteria.

Motakamel Plus Inventory

A simple, powerful tool that helps you count and track your inventory on the go using your smart phone, while moving results to ONYX later.

Guest Service App

An Android-only App developed to complement our Hotel Premium Service. Through this simple App, guests can view the hotel's news, offerings, services, room prices, restaurant menus, bill details, as well as send food orders and service requests.

Motakamel mobile

Our Motakamel Mobile App is smartly built to give you a 360º visibility and control of your business financial performance (balance sheets, inventory changes, suppliers/clients details, etc.). The system also generates automated, real-time data and visual reports, allowing you to make timely, informed decisions.

ONYX Transactions IX

An Android App that complements our ONYX IX System enabling System users to collect payments and handle orders seamlessly. The App has two separate versions: One for issuing/printing bills and customer account statements, and another for managing customer orders (including: getting orders ready with required types/numbers, creating sales invoices and warehouse releases, moving goods from warehouse for dispatch, etc.)

Waiter App

Available in Android and iPhone versions, our Waiter App provides customers with an easy tool to view the restaurant's menus, offerings, and dish images and send their orders via their smart phones or tablets. At the other end, the restaurant receives the order, creates the bill, and follow up payment progress and order status, all in one platform.

Waiter FERP

This version allows restaurants to display their food offerings to customers, receive orders, create bills, and collect payments.

Restaurants Menu App

A user-friendly App that complements Restaurant ONYX Service and serves as a seamless communication channel between waiters and customers. Using their smart phones or tablets, customers can view food offerings/menus, choose their favorite dishes, and place their orders on the platform. The waiter then receives the order and makes it ready for the customer. The App is available for both Android and iPhone.

Restaurants Delivery App

This App is particularly designed to help couriers check their new orders, view order and customer details, change order status, and check previous orders details.

Onyx IX Mobile

A complementary App to ONYX IX Service, this smart solution allows managers and business leaders to monitor financial performance, generate KPIs/reports/financial statements, and even approve documents and transactions. ONYX IX Mobile is available in both Android and iPhone versions.

Point of Sale (POS)

The Point of Sale App (Cashier) is a simple offline solution that complements ONYX Point of Sale Service.

Price reader

A simple, easy-to-use tool that helps ONYX users display item prices for their customers.

Distribution IX

An Android-only App which can be run online or offline based on the pre-set configuration specifications. It enables ONYX Distribution users to market, sell, and distribute their products/services more easily in their target markets.

Employee Self-service IX


An online version that integrates directly with HR systems allowing employees to carry out HR processes effortlessly. The HR Department offers role-based versions for employees.

Customer Self-service IX

Available in Android and iPhone versions, this professional online App is developed to help ONYX Customer Self-service users better connect with their clients. The App allows clients to preview their data, place their orders, check prices and invoices, view account statements, compare accounts, and more.

Onyx Hospitals

Hospital Mobile is a complementary App to ONYX Hospital System with Android and iPhone versions. The App is artfully designed to provide your patients with a comfortable, seamless experience. Using their smart phones, patients can easily learn about your services, connect with your team, book appointments, receive test results, and much more.

Gold Inventory

An Android-only App that is directly linked to the Microsoft Gold System, providing gold dealers with a fast, automated, and easy-to-use tool to monitor inventory trends offline before moving results to servers.

Gold Mobile

Our Gold Mobile App is directly linked to the Microsoft Gold System and is available in both Android and iPhone versions. The App allows gold dealers to easily issue bills/invoices, edit bill details, and stay updated with the latest gold prices and exchange rates in real-time.


Our Customer Relationship Management App (CRM) helps you create a seamless experience for your clients. With one simple click, they can instantly send their feedback, complaints, recommendations, requests for contract renewal, and many others.


Once the food order is sent by the Cashier, the ONYX Chef App displays the items and details of each order as well as any changes and updates made to the order. This gives your chefs a full view of each order's details, to prepare the order accordingly.

Attendance Management App

Featuring a separate database and dashboard, the App enables employees to sign in and out in few seconds. This GPS-enabled App allows employees to register their clock-ins and clock-outs from certain locations, showing their fingerprint.

E-Commerce App

With Android and iPhone versions, the App helps e-stores increase sales by displaying their products/services for millions of online users. The stores are managed through web-based, back office dashboards.

ONYX Restaurants for Customer

The App features a user-friendly interface enabling restaurant customers to navigate easily through different food sections, view offers/discounts/best-selling items, check previous orders, place and track new orders, and have their orders delivered to their doorstep.

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في المملكة لعام 2022