ERP solutions to meet industrial, commercial and service
business organizations’ needs

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Motakamel Plus ERP
Accounting and administrative systems whose functions are carried
out in work network in the best efficiency. They also meet the
variables of business types
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Gold Core ERP 
Gold Core ERP is specialized end-to-end solutions
to ‎manage gold enterprises transactions including cash, contents,
weights, sales and purchases
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Mobile Applications
Ultimate Solutions provides Mobile Applications for handling quick task
from anywhere. Mobile Applications are fully integrated with Ultimate
Solutions Software to facilitate the client tasks flexibly  
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Integrated Computerization Projects
We are capable to carry out special computerization projects for
governments, NGOs, or private organizations and we have successful
experiences in this regard
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Latest News

  • Ultimate Solutions and King Faisal University

    A cooperation agreement between Ultimate Academy and King Faisal University

    October 18, 2020

    King Faisal University - Dammam - Saudi Arabia and ultimate Academic sign a scientific cooperation agreement within the framework of the university’s keenness to provide an applied study for its students using ultimate software, which considers its scientific cooperation part of its societal duty as one of the components of the Saudi technical market.