Training Methodology

Each module in the ONYX Pro and Motakamel Plus systems is considered a complete system in its own right. That's why Ultimate Solutions provides separate training sessions for each module, with flexibility to gather sessions of different modules or sub systems (e.g., accounting , HR, etc.) in one training program.

• Each training program has its own plan and training strategy, including: goals, introduction, onboarding methods, techniques, engagement, timeframe, and metrics (to assess trainees' understanding and performance)
• Each training session is carefully designed to cover the theoretical, practical and application aspects of the topic, making sure that the trainees have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to master the project.
• The training technique is based on encouraging trainees to work together to enhance learning results through teamwork, and to apply the instructions stated in the educational materials.

How It Works?

1. When purchasing one or more of our systems, the contract will include the training of a specified number of pre-identified employees who will work on the new deployed system.
2. The client receives an approved, pre-designed model from the branch he/she signed the contract with. The model allows the client to add the information of his/her selected trainees.
3. Allowing agents to monitor progress of each operation in real-time. Our training coordinator works with the client and assigned employees to arrange the training-related schedule, components, and needs while following up the training progress.
4. The training program is implemented in accordance with the preset schedule/timeframe, and the trainees are given soft copies of the training materials
5. The trainees are expected to comply with the agreed-on procedures (attendance, engagement, etc).
6. All trainees will be awarded a certificate of completion listing the training courses he/she received (as stated in item 5 in the Ultimate Solutions Training Policy)

Certificate of Completion

To receive the certificate of completion of one or some of the ONYX Pro and Motakamel Plus modules, and start working on these modules in the workplace, the employee should achieve the following:

• Attend not less than 80% of the training program
• Take part in 50% (at least) of the practical activities provided in the training sessions.
• Pass the final test with 70%+ score (in both the written and practical tests).

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