System Deployment

System Deployment

This professional service is designed to:

1. Provide users with the needed knowledge and skills to master the new system.
2. Organize effective workshops for optimum benefit.
3. Enable clients to move safely and seamlessly to the new systems in line with the pre-set budget and schedule.
4. Give clients a step-by-step support to complete system configuration, identify backup plans, and specify role-based authorities and permissions.
5. Empower employees to use the system confidently and efficiently.

How It Works?

• We work closely with clients to identify key needs, expectations, and implementation risks and challenges.
• Based on these needs, our experts go on to develop the deployment plan with clear goals, roles, and responsibilities. The plan should be approved and signed by the client.
• We organize interactive workshops to ensure better engagement, understanding, and implementation.


After we receive the client's request to deploy the ONYX Pro or Motakamel Plus systems , our experts do the following:

1. Arrange a visit to the client premises to examine and assess business performance, needs, and goals.
2. Understand the client's goals and expectations.
3. Coordinate with the client's authorized system manager.
4. Evaluate the quality of the client's existing information systems, and provide recommendations to develop them.
5. Design an effective information system model tailored to the client's specific needs.
6. Develop and discuss the deployment plan with the client for approval.
7. Plan each visit based on the project plan and the progress achieved.
8. Have the quality models and session minutes signed by the clients.

The Deployment Plan

Typically, the deployment plan involves the following

1. Determining how much time is needed to complete the deployment of the system(s).
2. Developing a detailed implementation schedule with clear time frames for each task and goal.
3. Identifying the roles and responsibilities of each party (i.e. our experts and the client).
4. Identifying the project location and the client's team, who will be responsible for the project, as well as their manager.

Deployment Session

Deployment sessions usually include the following:

1. Creating system backups on pre-specified locations.
2. Implementing the tasks listed in the project plan and providing a formal training session for employees.
3. Providing support and guidance to employees while allowing them to work on the system themselves.
4. Ensuring that the employees have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to run the system correctly and efficiently.
5. Advising employees on how to improve performance and get prepared for the next session.
6. Having the session minutes signed by the client at the end of session.

Completion of Deployment

1. Conducting the deployment sessions with users as scheduled.
2. Our experts supervise and evaluate the users' performance throughout the deployment sessions, while creating insightful reports to be reviewed and signed by the client.
3. At the final session, our experts make sure that the client's system Admin can operate and manage the system successfully and efficiently.
4. A proof-of-completion document is signed by both parties (our assigned expert and the client) at the final session. With this step, the client becomes fully and solely responsible for the system.

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