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We provide a full range of professional ERP solutions to help corporates of different types, industries, and business models automate, improve, and streamline their operations. From HR to accounting and inventory, our systems provide public and private corporates with powerful tools to manage their processes smartly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

Why Choose ONYX?

. Empower your workforce with safe, smart, and end-to-end management solutions.
. Ensure consistent results across all branches, facilities, and business units.
. Maintain maximum internal monitoring and effective archiving of all business transactions.
. Manage all business procedures and operations through one centralized platform.
. Keep track of business KPIs to make, timely, effective, and informed decisions.
. Leverage the power of a multi-functional, multi-lingual, and easy-to-use system.
. Join the list of clients who have reported a significant improvement in performance by using the system.
. Build stronger relationships with your clients by using a highly flexible system that ideally adapts to business growth and expansion.
. Get help from an outstanding team with vast knowledge expertise in consulting and technical support

System Configuration

. Add company information (type, address, documents, contact information,etc.).
. Identify your accounting management options based on the nature and requirements of your business.
. Determine accounting periods, local currency, and any other currencies you deal with.
. Identify types and groups of accounts/cash flow, while linking them to the general chart of accounts.
. Create a general chart of accounts based on accounting best practices, with flexibility to add new accounts and import data from external files.
. Create sub accounts within the main chart of accounts and link them to related sub systems (to ensure easier monitoring and avoid lengthy sheets of data).
. Group sub accounts into clearly-defined groups and link them to related sub systems
Identify types of data to make it easier to find and use data in different transactions.
. Identify types of cost centers and assess how they impact other results and transactions.
. Create well-defined cost centers to facilitate monitoring of all business activities (production, services, sales).

System Management and Operation

With ONYX Pro ERP, you will ensure full visibility and control of your organization's workflow while tracking and evaluating your employees' performance. The system also offers flexible options that allow you to adjust the way data is entered and displayed according to your own preferences.

• Create role-based accounts and responsibilities for users.
• Add, enable, or disable the authorities assigned to each user.
• Monitor, assess, and improve employees' performance.
• View details and information related to current users.
• Enable automated system backups at the end of each working shift, and create daily external backups for easy data restoration.
• Add new accounting modules for new activities in accordance with each license's specifications.
• Have flexibility to close accounting periods and start a new financial year.
• Manage and update existing databases effortlessly.
• Specify and adjust your preferred notification options (including the required channels, users, and display options).

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سجل معنا الان

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مزود خدمـــــة حلول ERP
في المملكة لعام 2022