Motakamel Silver

Designed in Microsoft SQL Server, Motakamel Silver is a group of professional accounting management solutions smartly engineered to help organizations manage their finances, resources, and costs more efficiently.

Why Use Motakamel Silver?

• Manage your organization more professionally to improve performance and optimize resources.
• Maintain steady business growth and effective organizational structure
• Expand your business and reach excellence through our configurable, highly-flexible solutions
• Join our list of international clients who have achieved outstanding results by using Motakamel Silver.
• Empower your organization with a smart, effective, highly-configurable, and easy-to-use system.
• Be the first to benefit from the continuously updated versions of Motakamel Silver.

System Configuration

. Go to the Settings Section to complete the configuration process safely and easily, using either pre-set data or Excel-exported data.
. Create the accounting module and add main data.
. Identify accounting periods, local currency (and all other currencies you deal with), and sub accounts.
. Add banks and investment funds, while linking each of them to the related accounts.
. Make the chart of accounts (including both main and sub accounts), and identify connections.
. Create item groups and link them to related accounts. Similarly, create item lists and link them to related item groups.
. Create client/supplier groups and accounts based on your business needs.
. Enjoy absolute freedom to deal with inventory items as a whole or in parts, while identifying the cost of each part (component).
. Calculate taxes based on different tax types, and assess their impact on margins in both selling and purchasing transactions.
. Adjust settings and features based on your organization's unique needs and requirements.

Key Benefits

. Enabling corporates to manage their financial, administrative, and technical operations easily and smartly, all in one platform.
. Integrating ideally with all business ecosystems and activities.
. Adapting to business growth and ensuring that all process (sales, purchases, inventory, finances, etc.) are managed in line with the preset policies.
. Identifying role-based authorities and responsibilities across the organization, while providing real-time monitoring of each user's performance.
. Seamless handling of foreign exchange rates in different transactions, sales, and purchases.
. Ability to deal with multiple currencies in the same account.
. Adjusting language and view, based on personal preferences.
. Supporting decision making by generating real-time reports about key risks and opportunities, with the ability to compare the performance of two or more branches.

Extra Benefits When Promoting to Motakamel Plus

. Monitor multiple, same-activity branches at the same time.
. Calculate inventory items using different measuring units.
. Track different cost centers in inventory transactions, while linking them to related items.
. Link the system to other ERP modules and sub-systems, such as HR, Asset Management, Hotels, etc.
. Check and manage letters of credit (bank guarantees).
. Have 360° visibility of business operations.
. Manage, review, and approve documents in one place.
. Add multiple sales agents to invoices and link each agent to related items.

Support Tools

These are additional professional tools that help Motakamel Silver users manage their business operations more quickly, easily, and efficiently.
 Messaging Services:
Sending automated notifications about any change occurring in the account statements (client accounts, supplier accounts, etc.) to keep managers informed and updated of business performance in real-time. The notifications are sent automatically via SMS or E-mail based on your preset configuration.
The service enables users to:
Access real-time data about any change occurring in account statements (suppliers, clients, etc.).
. Reach important data without need to log into the system
. Get updated data of any transaction, after each change or update.
. Send individual or group messages and feedback.
 Help Services:
Serving as an integral part of the user's office ecosystem, these tools help users maintain an efficient workflow, access required tools whenever needed, view important "Help" data regarding any part of the system.

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مزود خدمـــــة حلول ERP
في المملكة لعام 2022